~ Single Payer Health Care ~


Single Payer Health Care/Medicare for All is Health Care delivered

to every individual as needed with full costs being borne by a national

health trust funded by a modest payroll tax and small capital gains tax. 

Non-profit, Universal Health Care is fundamental to our Humanity,

our Democracy, and the economic class basis of our society.(FAQ)


Without the change in consciousness engendered by adoption of a

classless and inclusive health care model, we cannot progress to the

responsible planetary stewardship necessary to heal the planet

as we must!


This September will see reform proposals discussed and decided on

the floor of our congress. Foremost in the House is HR3200/Health

Care Reform Bill (1026 pages) with HR676/SPHC (28 pages) to be

discussed as a replacement amendment (offered by Rep.Weiner).

The Senate has a parallel bill, SR703 similar to HR676.

Although the outcome is uncertain, public presence will have a

determinative effect on the deliberations and on the resolve of

the public to transcend the corporate profit which is limiting

our progress towards a more just community order.


It is our intent to facilitate the adoption of the SPHC amendment

and the amended bill through Congress.


We believe that the conviction inevitably must lead to SPHC

(CA SB810) adoption by the state of California or, ultimately, our

region based on culturally humane and practical economic reasoning.


I personally invite your participation in this momentous event to

begin healing our humanity and planet.


May your participation bring you much Joy. ~BC Macdonald


Action  Links  * http://www.madashelldoctors.com/ * http://www.pnhp.org/  *

Basic Tools:     * HR676/HR3200 Comparison .PDF* SPHC Song * The Sound of Moolah *

Resources: * Recent History * HR676 source * HR3200 source * SB840 History *

   * Health Insurance Anti -Trust Story & Government Analysis PDF* SR703 Source *

This site is intended to facilitate Single Payer Health Care efforts on the

North Coast of California and particularly in Congressional district 1


Join our working list at sphc-join@lists.mcn.org for information

dissemination, strategic planning, and announcement of events&actions.


Local Organizational Support: Health Care for All Mendocino - rkarch@mcn.org

Our Allies: Physicians National Healthcare Program - http://www.pnhp.org/

Questions about this site can be addressed to BC@AlbionNation.org